Touch for Health - Level 1

Touch for Health is a muscle balancing system that comes down from Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic Care, that can be in the hands of the lay person for personal care, as well as care of family and friends. It’s great for sports enthusiasts, those people dealing with learning or mobility difficulties, and more.


By testing a muscle for integrity we can determine where there is a block in energy flow in the body. To correct the challenge we can trace a meridian line along the body, we can rub a spinal reflex point along the spine, we can hold a neurovascular point on the head, we can rub a neurolymphatic point on the body, we can open acupressure points to release blocked energy, and we can manipulate the muscle with our fingers. The techniques are very simple, and very powerful.


To have the information from this system in your hands you can check in with the functioning of the body daily, you can assist with recovery from illness or injury, you can calm a system, you can remove patterns of movement and function that are not supporting the posture or the strength of the body. Level 1 introduces 14 muscles, one from each meridian system, and several ways to correct any challenges.


The course includes the following as well as other simple tools too!

Muscle Balancing
Energy pathways in the body are related to specific muscles and meridians, as well as organs. Using light-touch muscle testing, muscles that are found to be weak are strengthened using techniques from acupressure, massage, and Chinese meridian theory. The information gained from the muscle testing allows the specialized kinesiologist to determine the integrity of the meridian, the muscle or the organ.

Brain Integration
Using switch-on points for the eyes, ears, coordination and the body, kinesiology assists in coordinating the muscles and the brain for optimum learning on the same goal.

Emotional Stress Release
The most valuable tool you can provide yourself with, is the ability to quickly and easily de-stress a situation. Stress release techniques may include “emotional balancing, affirmations, visualization, massage techniques and movement exercises” (CanAsk Directory). Once emotions have been diffused in a situation, creative approaches to problem solving, past trauma and set patterns can be re-evaluated.

Food Sensitivity Training
Utilizing kinesiology techniques, food sensitivities can be detected and the body can be monitored to determine how the body is coping with specific foods. This work can be very beneficial for children’s diets, pet’s diets, allergies, skin disturbances etc.

Course Includes:

Two days of instruction - 15 hours (must attend both days for certificate)

Touch for Health Textbook (Level 1 - 4 inclusive)



Membership for one year to CanASK including their monthly newsletters.

Cost:  $395

Course outline can be found at the CanAsk website:

Touch for Health - Level 1

Queen Street, Truro, NS


Day 1

Sunday, April 8, 2018

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Day 2

April 15, 2018

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Michelle Greenwell Instructor


Michelle has been involved with Touch for Health for almost 2 decades.  She has been an instructor for over a decade, and is a Touch for Health Consultant.  Her specialty is how to heal the body using movement, and her approach to TFH provides practical applications you can use every day on yourself, your family and your friends.  A Board member with the Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology or Can ASK, she is a monthly contributor to the newsletter as well as a spokesperson for the profession. 


Michelle's private practice includes tips and tools from Touch for Health that can be applied at home for self care.  Her approach to inspiring her students is gentle, educational and confidence building.  Two days in a workshop is like a whole year of massage treatments rolled into one package that is long lasting and continuously able to give.  Once you have gained the skill of muscle testing, you will wonder why you waited so long to share a class with Michelle.