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Sheila & Wanda Healing Experience

Sheila Telfer and Wanda Hamilton are teaming up to offer a unique healing experience. We incorporate energy work, sound, meditation, light language, intuition and so much more in our sessions.


We tag team with each other in your session to give you the upmost individual care while also having some fun as sometimes life is just too serious.


Together we have been holding these sessions without promoting for quite some time and we are being called to offer them to the public. Perhaps you are the one who is ready to shift and see what else is available to you.  


The session is for an hour and you have the option of booking a two hour session.


Our introductory fee is $60 for an hour session or $110 for two hours.


We look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to come and play with us and move forward on your ascension path.

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Wanda and Sheila are a powerful duo, full of wisdom. Working together from the heart, they helped me come out of my shell and embrace my wounded inner child to learn self-love; something I have struggled with for as long as I can remember.

They provided a safe and comforting space in which I was able to let go of my overactive mind. Being in their presence was extremely healing and they helped me to realise the power I have emanating within.

The drumming stirred up a lot of emotion, which lead to a liberating transformation influenced by sound and vibration, paired with encouraging words.


Sheila guided me through meditation like it was her second nature, and left me feeling empowered as I tapped into a new avenue of equanimity.

The crystal pyramids send angelic tones deep into your consciousness and permeate the mind with a sense of bliss. Wanda's light language speaks messages of warmth to the soul.

Feeling blessed to have been influenced by these women, I left Wanda's home feeling like I'd sat with two friends I've known for years, although I'd only met them a couple of times prior to the experience. It was as if the burden of daily anxiety had been lifted and replaced with a flow of ease. They were so understanding, open minded, and both have a wonderful sense of humour which made me feel accepted right away.


I am looking forward to meeting them again!



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