From a single ray of sun through a crystal prism captured by camera and then designed into your own soul essence Solargram fractal art piece.


Each Solargram is encoded with a light language message and it is recommended you quiet the mind and sit or meditate with your piece of art; in doing so the Solargram’s frequency and vibration may assist you in shifting energy to assist you on your path.


You will also receive a WAV file that will include sounds of the high vibrational quartz crystal pyramid instruments as well as your personal spoken light language message.


Light language can be multidimensional from the galactic, angelic or elemental realms where the message bypasses the mind and goes to the heart and soul to be deciphered for your highest possible timeline.


As you shift and expand your Solargram will continue to provide assistance whether you listen to it in six months or two years from now.


I will need your full name and birth date to create your pieces.


You will have the option of choosing to receive your MP3 through Dropbox or Google Drive should it be too large to send through email. Each MP3 will be between three to six minutes depending on how long your message is.

Personal Solagram - WAV File & Fractal Digital Image