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Healing Circle and/or Private Sessions

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Healing Circle


A healing circle where we will gather to listen, share, release, grow, heal, and transform.


Since the beginning of time, our ancestors have used the power of group gathering to foster healing and transformation. Group healing creates a strong web of collective wisdom, strength, and compassion to empower one to safely bring their wounds to the surface to be witnessed. Group healing can rapidly speed up the healing process.


We allow things to unfold as they are intended to, but we do always bring Braveheart the drum, Quartz Crystal Pyramids, oracle cards, candles and crystals. In a group circle we will identify intentions of what you would like to shift and move towards.


Bahia will guide us through a meditation while drumming to allow us to journey and call forth and bring clarity for what we individually identified earlier.


Wanda will use the crystal pyramids with their frequency and vibration to continue your journey and during this time she will bring through light language activations/messages to further each on their own path at a soul level.


Bahia’s mesmerizing meditation voice and Wanda’s light language are unique frequencies and vibrations that are powerful on their own so imagine the magic when they are spoken one after the other. 


We will then have the opportunity to share our experiences if you choose to. We find that when people share their experience others will also have had similar experiences and the conversation empowers each other to enable healing to take place.

Shamanic Healing - Private Sessions


Bahia is an energy intuitive and Shamanic Practitioner. In her healing sessions she has her own unique way of being the conduit to allow you to heal past lives and current situations.


Have you ever wondered why you go through the same experiences, injuries or just the inability to move forward on your path?


Bahia has the ability to energetically connect to you and find the source of what you need to heal in the moment, whether it is this life or back to your first life on this planet or beyond.


Pyramid Sound Healing – Private Sessions


Wanda is an energy lightworker that uses quartz crystal pyramid sounds to allow you to enter into an altered state of consciousness where your everyday world is put on pause and you are given the opportunity to connect with your higher self.  When we are in this relaxed state we are able to allow healing to take place, whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.


The frequency of the tones of the quartz crystal pyramids have the ability to enter the body on a cellular level, removing blockages and shifting energy where needed. Wanda will bring forth any personal light language messages for you during your session.


At the end of the session the gentle lull of the Hapi drum and Koshi chimes will allow you to come back to the physical while soothing the soul with their angelic tones. 

During the private sessions other participants can either continue working or we can provide group activities.




These are group rates, please contact us to get started with your healing experience.



Healing Circle

2 hour - $40/person

3 Hour - $50/person

4 Hour - $60/person

Full Day - $120/person


Private Session with both

Bahia and Wanda

30 Minute - $100/person

60 Minute - $180/person

Group Activities

Price subject to activity


For more information or to book your healing experience email Wanda Hamilton