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Healing Experiences Among Lightworkers (HEAL)

In today’s society people are surrounded by stress, from our family, friends and our workplace. The need to have some time to heal is required to achieve a balanced life. We at times forget that if we ourselves are strained we are unable to give our best.  HEAL is a perfect way to allow us to plan your healing experience no matter which options you choose.


We are available for healing experiences to allow your group or employees to focus upon themselves and thus enabling them to give their best to whatever arises.


We will work with you to provide the healing experience needed whether it is a one day event, a weekend or a full week to cover your organization’s needs. You have the option of providing the facility and meals or we can accommodate this also at an added cost. Mileage may be added depending on location.


HEAL will be adding experiences as we expand, below are our offerings at this time. Please email Wanda if you have any questions or have an idea you would like to explore for a healing experience.


Sheila & Wanda Healing Experience

A Glimpse Within with Wanda

Our Magical Healing Retreat

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