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Day Retreat

Sunday, February 19, 202

55 Carter Road, Brookfield, NS

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Enjoy a day for yourself!
We will be focusing on raising our frequency and vibration.
Not sure what that is and why you want to do that.
Why not join us and find out?


Our day will consist of:


Opening Circle
Welcome and introductions, a great way to get to know each other and see where everyone is at in the moment.

Creative Art
We will get creative with some canvas paper, paint, and intention. An easy, fun, and creative way to receive messages.

Expanding on the creativity; let’s get creative with lunch!
Sounds fun doesn’t it!
Let us know when you register if you have any special food requirements.

Drumming Fun
The healing power of playing the drum is an amazing experience and playing with a group magnifies the effects. Everyone will be given the opportunity to have a drum wash and a personal light language message if they wish. Feel free to bring your own drum and no worries If you don’t have one as we will provide one for you to use.

Sound Healing

The sound of the quartz crystal pyramids, Hapi drum and the Koshi chimes can enter the body on a cellular level removing blockages and shifting energy where needed. A light language message will be spoken to assist us in following our highest possible timeline.

Check In Circle
A check in with everyone to see where their energy is and perhaps pull a few cards.

Meet Your Facilitator

Wanda Hamilton of Take 30 Sound & Reiki and Life Spiritual Events creates the symphony of her own life.

Her life is all about frequency and vibration and distinguishing the tools that are available to raise her own frequency and in doing so allow shifts to happen, whether it is health, friends, family, work, etc.

We stay in the vibration we hold so if you are unhappy about where you are at in your life…..change your vibration and frequency!

Our Venue
We are at the Brookfield Seniors Room at 55 Carter Road, Brookfield, NS.

What You Need to Bring
A mat, pillow and blanket for the sound portion, a drum if you have one, slippers or indoor shoes would be great also and of course your perfect self.


(50% to be paid at time of booking, remaining on or before the event date)

Please send an email to Wanda Hamilton for more information or to register.


Pyramid Sound Bath - Group Sessions

Enjoy the sounds of the quartz crystal pyramids as they allow your body to relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

The crystal pyramids are played throughout and at the end of the session the gentle lull of the Hapi drum and Koshi chimes will allow you to come back to the physical while soothing the soul with their angelic tones.

There are no words as the experience with the sounds allows you to be guided into your natural state of being and connect to oneself in an amazing way.

Please bring a mat, blanket and pillow so you are comfortable during the session. If you prefer a gravity chair you may bring one instead of a mat or reserve one of the few I have.

Book your own with a few friends or family members.

Fee: $20

For more information or to register email Wanda.

Pyramid Magic - Group Sessions

Join Wanda Hamilton for an afternoon/evening of magic with the sounds of the quartz crystal pyramid as a backdrop for a journey into higher consciousness.

Light language messages will be brought through for all of us to further ourselves along our ascension pathway and raise our frequency and vibration.

Why not remove all expectations, delve a little deeper, expand yourself and remember aspects that you haven’t accessed yet.

If you feel you would like to join in please email Wanda to register.

The fee to participate is $40 and please bring a mat, blanket and pillow; I have a few gravity chairs that you can reserve if needed.

Book your own with a few friends or family members.

Fee: $40

For more information or to register email Wanda.

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