Energy 101

April 9, 2017

12:30 - 4:30 pm

Best Western Glengarry, Truro, NS


An afternoon of exploring and demystifying energy. What we hope you will take away from this course is a greater sense of who you are as an energetic being, why being aware of your energy health is vital and how to maintain a higher frequency within your own field. Beginning to understand and use these new tools that you learn today will open up your life to a new way of being in the world.


12:30 - Introduction


12:40 - Exploring Energy - Beth Amyot

What does the power of an energetic body mean to you...mind, body and intentions. See for yourself!

1:20 - Playing with Energy - Beth Amyot

Playing with energies....hands on with energy using dousing rods and pendulums.

2:00 - Coffee/Tea Break

2:20 - Chakras - Energy Centers - Lisa Richard

Understand what chakras are and learn how to use them to boost your spiritual power and intuitive abilities.

3:10 - How to Take Care of your Energy - Lisa Richard

Learn techniques of how to clear your energy and how to maintain a higher vibration to feel like you again!

3:50 - Energy Expansion with Quartz Crystal Bowls - Beth Amyot

Expand your vibration!

Registration Fee: $45



Life Spiritual Event Presenter

Beth Amyot

Vital Relaxation

Life Spiritual Events Presenter

Lisa Richard

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