Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I am the eldest child of immigrant parents from Tunisia. Honoring my father's wish, I became a Professional Engineer, but always felt there was something more I was meant to do.


The year 2013 brought a spiritual awakening for me. Through my self healing journey, I discovered that yoga, crystals, essential oils, meditation, and a call to shamanic sound healing ignited the deep embers of my soul.


I continue to hold my P.Eng designation, but also offer Shamanic Sound Healing and spiritual guidance. I am a member of the International Association of Therapists and Counselors.


I am a certified aromatherapist, hypnotherapist and offer past life regression. I also have collaborations with other powerful women around NS - Dawn Sinclair at Equal Essence with our simple yet powerful book, Self. Sara Mader at Love Spoken Here with our bi weekly live talk about life and healing.


I strongly believe in women coming together in community to share their gifts and bring new opportunities and experiences to life. The Dali lama said in his visit to western Canada, “The world will be saved by the western woman”


I am doing my part by healing myself, living in my truth and offering my wisdom and experiences to guide others.