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About Me

Wanda Hamilton is an energy lightworker, Reiki Master and is owner of Take 30 Sound & Reiki, a place offering services to assist you on your path. All of the services I offer from the Reiki, Sauna, essential oils and the Pyramid Sound Healing have been instrumental in my own journey.

We all use various tools to assist us on our path and I feel we need to meet people where they are at on their journey and utilize whatever resource is needed to aid them.

I also operate Life Spiritual Events where I organize holistic events for the public to bring holistic practices to the forefront. Healing Experiences Among Lightworkers is a project created under the Life banner.


I speak light language, a multidimensional language that originates from angelic, galactic, elemental or collective energies and when combined with my voice it is a unique vibrational frequency that bypasses the mind and is received by the heart and soul and will resonate differently with each person. For me my light language has been a remembrance of the multidimensional being I am.


We all have our “story” of our journey and I draw on my past experiences to assist others. When we are able to start seeing our story as the reason we are who we are, accept it as being the thing that has created this wonderful being, we begin to start to heal our lives. The key to my story, and everyone elses is to focus on the now and not what has gotten me here, staying in the energy of what got me here keeps me in that energy and the focus for me needs to be where I am now in the moment.


My life is all about frequency and vibration now and distinguishing the tools that are available to me to raise my own vibration and frequency and in doing so I allow shifts to happen, whether it is health, friends, family, work, etc. We stay in the vibration we hold so if you are unhappy about where you are at in your life…..change your vibration and frequency!

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