5D Operating System Workshop & Healing

There has been a magnificent shift on earth. In 2015 a multi-dimensional reality opened its doors to accept the awakening upon earth. A birthing of a new paradigm unlike anything lightworkers, star seeds, indigos, grid workers and healers alike have ever witnessed.

What is this shift? The new aligned frequencies of fifth dimensional existence. This comes with mass integrations that we are just now grasping in 2018. We all feel the shift yet we are confused by the vibration. Why? What are we now to do? What does this mean? What does it offer? How do I learn and from whom if none of us have ever done this before?

Tessa and Heather have a unique ability to in tune to the light information about the fifth dimension and where this is shifting all of us. Through experience with higher dimension light codes, beings, guides and angels. This new Now time brings an entire new operation system that Heather and Tessa will go over in detail. With this understanding light codes, integrations and the true frequencies of this new time will be given to each one of you who participate in this session. A meditation with a full spiritual reset will be given to each. For we truly understand and acknowledge all who join are very important pioneers of importance to this Now time.

Join us for an event of a life time! Discover the new now of the 5D operations system.

What people will receive as part of this workshop:

-Receive light transmissions from multi-dimensional beings of light

-Work directly with mother Gaia to increase the sacredness of self

-Break your personal illusions as you step into the new quantum field, assisted for a gentle transition

-Receive a heart portal alignment

-Experience the true Christ conscious connection

-Understand illusionary timelines

-Have gentle guidance back to your very own portal of light through a self-love activation

-Ignite and step through the cosmic threshold that will transform everything in your life to abundance and self

Fee: $50

To reserve your spot contact Wanda at 902-650-2100 or message here.