Listening to the 24 Gold Strand DNA Activation will assist you in raising your consciousness. The frequency of the light language activation is magnified with the accompaniment of the sounds of the quartz crystal pyramids.

During the activation envision being surrounded in a golden light enlightening your soul while the sounds enter your cells encouraging remembrance of codes to activate your 24 gold strand DNA.

You have two options to choose from; the activation is a stand alone energy transfer and can be rented through the Activation Rental option or you can choose the option that includes a 20-30 minute private consultation with Wanda Hamilton via Zoom; use your intuition for guidance on whether to schedule your time before or after you listen to the activation.

Please drink plenty of water afterwards as well as allow yourself time to adjust to the frequency.

The effects that you receive will correlate with your current vibration and some may wish to listen to the activation several times to raise frequency gradually.

Love and Light,