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Life Spiritual Events

Welcome to Life Spiritual Events, dynamic event creators .... a place that assists your own cycle to shift, change, and grow, by hosting many diverse styles of energy sessions, workshops, and informational evenings.


As we move along the timeline called Life we are required to shift, change and grow not only to survive but to flourish. The rhythmic cycles of shift, change and growth pulse through us as we move towards and through these cycles. We can choose to live in a conscious or unconscious relationship with these rhythms and cycles. Our free will is always our own.


When the calling of our soul wakes us to the grandeur of our own life it can be daunting. Years of programing from our original families are embedded in the way we process and respond to life. Even with our desire for change pulsing inside of us we need assistance sometimes in moving through old energy blockages that come from this life or perhaps another. We must bring balance to the stories of our life and through this balance comes a new-found energy.


Life Spiritual Events is a place for you to turn for assistance. We are gathering lightworkers that we know and trust. We pride ourselves in the quality of our guests. Sign up for our newsletter that will keep you posted on upcoming events. Let us know how we are doing and what else you are looking for to assist your evolution.

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